Tribe Porty
Funding round:
2017 Round 2

Tribe Porty

Women in Enterprise

We are Tribe Porty, a community co-working and creative events space in Edinburgh, which supports local people in work, art and wellness through practical opportunities, support and training, and by encouraging connections.

Your support for our Women in Enterprise project means we can provide training and support for women by women through creating a network of enterprising women. Currently we support women and their businesses through classes, workshops and courses in the areas of wellbeing, parenting and the creative industries. We are delighted that we can now expand our reach and offer training for women in enterprise.

Specifically, this funding will allow us to create and implement a training programme, which we will pilot over 12 months, with the intention of continuing the programme in Year Two, with little or no funding. The funding will allow us to support 85 women in year one through the programme, which will also support the professional women trainers.