Deafblind Scotland
Funding round:
2017 Round 2

Deafblind Scotland

Connect 2 Support

We are Deafblind Scotland and we help deafblind people to develop ways of communicating and engaging meaningfully with the world around them. We support individuals, as well as their families and friends, to adjust to deafblindness with a range of services. We work towards a society in which deafblind people have the permanent support and recognition necessary to be equal citizens.

We are delighted to have received your support for our Connect 2 Support project, which is designed to make social welfare and welfare rights more accessible for deafblind, deaf and/or blind adults. Its aim is to reduce levels of financial hardship in order to promote independence by giving people the information and choices needed to make informed decisions.

This funding will allow us to reach 200 deafblind and visually or hearing impaired people, so that they can realise the welfare benefits they are entitled to. It will also allow us to provide specialised support in their home environment.