Amina The Muslim Women's Resource Centre
Funding round:
2017 Round 1

Amina The Muslim Women's Resource Centre

Eve – Empowerment Via Enterprise

We are Amina, the Muslim Women’s Resource Centre, based in Dundee.

The Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre is an inclusive national organisation providing support to Muslim and minority ethnic women across Scotland, irrespective of background, education and experience, to help them live better, safer lives free from discrimination and abuse.

We are delighted to receive funding from the Royal Bank of Scotland Skills & Opportunities Fund for our Eve – Empowerment Via Enterprise project. This is a practical introduction to enterprise and entrepreneurship for Muslim and minority ethnic women in Dundee – including exploration of accessible home-based business models and alternative routes to income generation.

The funding will allow us to promote enterprise and entrepreneurship as an accessible alternative to paid employment and economic inactivity to 24 Muslim and minority ethnic women in Dundee.

Through three practical, 10-week ‘business blocks,’ the women will be challenged to design, create and take a product to market locally, increasing their skills, knowledge, business acumen, confidence and experience of the world of home-based enterprise.

Funding will also contribute to the delivery of an interactive national entrepreneurial showcase event, attended by 49 Muslim and minority ethnic women from across Scotland.