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Glasgow Bike Station

We are the Glasgow Bike Station, a social enterprise and charity providing access to low cost but good quality bikes whilst diverting tonnes of waste from landfill.

We offer a comprehensive programme of inclusive projects which promote, support and encourage greater levels of cycling in Glasgow. An increase in cycling numbers has a multitude of benefits for society, from environmental improvements to health and financial benefits. Our mission is to make everyday cycling accessible to all.

We’re delighted you’ve chosen to help with our Bike Station Academy, a training project for young people which uses cycling as a learning tool.

We offer alternative vocational qualifications in bike mechanics to those disengaged by traditional academia and support young people to set up their own bike hub for their school and wider community.

Funding will be used to cover the costs of delivering training in five secondary schools across Glasgow. Engaging 50 young people who are unlikely to gain formal academic qualifications, we will offer vocational skills as well as volunteering opportunities. We will support every young person taking part to set up a Cycle Hub for the whole school community, offering everything from bike checks to group rides with the aim of becoming an important resource for the whole area.