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    Airdrie Citizens Advice Bureau

    • Tech Your Finance

      We are Airdrie Citizens Advice Bureau. We have looked after and empowered people to change in Airdrie and the surrounding area since November 1971. We provide accredited, independent, free and confidential advice on issues people face in their daily lives: everything from financial management, debt and accessing welfare rights, to employment rights and addressing housing issues.

      We seek your support for our project Tech Your Finance, helping people harness digital skills to better manage their money. We want to address the disadvantage experienced by those who are not digitally skilled and financially aware and so miss out on the best deals and advice.

      We'll provide specialist advice to vulnerable individuals to learn how using computers, tablets and phones can help manage money worries through online services as well as building money, debt and digital skills. This results in empowered, confident and connected communities with improved financial circumstances and well-being. Participants will be better able to budget, manage debt, make savings and protect themselves from fraud and scams.

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    Auchinleck Community Development Initiative

    • ACDI MoneySmart Financial Capability Project

      We are Auchinleck Community Development Initiative (ACDI), a community anchor organisation operating as a social enterprise. We manage and deliver projects and activities to advance the development of Auchinleck by maintaining, improving and regenerating its physical, economic, social and cultural infrastructure and by helping people who are at a disadvantage because of their social and economic circumstances.

      We'd like your help in starting our MoneySmart Financial Capability Project. We want to offer support to low income families who lack financial capability skills or who are at risk of homelessness to improve their financial capability skills. We'll employ a MoneySmart Adviser to support them to increase their knowledge of budgeting, borrowing, savings and debt and to give them advice on where to go for additional support and help.

      We believe this is an innovative intervention: meaningful work with long term impact, allowing for improvement and development and dissemination of learning and best practice.

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    Community Help & Advice Initiative (CHAI)

    • Financial Inclusion and Capability Service

      We are the Community Help and Advice Initiative (CHAI), a Scottish registered charity. Since 1997 we have been providing a range of advice, housing support, community development and social welfare services to the people of Edinburgh and beyond, with the aim of reducing poverty and preventing homelessness. We aim to relieve poverty, provide social welfare assistance, give practical help and offer information, advice and support.

      We seek your help in funding our Financial Inclusion and Capability Service. The service will provide advice and information on income maximisation, debt, budgeting and housing and give people taking part the skills and knowledge to manage their own finances.

      Our project will offer advice, training opportunities and educational material to people attending each of the four Drug and Alcohol Recovery Hubs in Edinburgh. We aim to provide them with the skills, knowledge and information to develop financial capability, budgeting skills and resilience. Ultimately, the service aims to increase clients' confidence and independence to deal with their finances and welfare rights.

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    FetLor Youth Club

    • Scran Academy

      We are FetLor Youth Club. We're a youth work charity and have been working with young people from areas of deprivation in North Edinburgh and beyond since the 1960s. Over 350 young people aged 7 - 18 attend our drop in clubs and range of activities every week. We aim to increase opportunity and build confidence and resilience in young people.

      We'd like your support for our exciting new pilot project Scran Academy. Scran aims to teach young people skills for enterprise and for life by running a catering business from FetLor Youth Club. Overseen by trained chefs and cooks, young people will learn skills in enterprise by catering for all sorts of events and occasions. Scran Academy will support the most vulnerable young people to transition beyond the classroom into the workplace and wider life, whilst gaining qualifications and growing in confidence and self-belief.

      Your funding will allow us to grow from a small pilot project to a full scale catering business, supporting 100 young people every year to gain qualifications and skills in entrepreneurship and be ready to leave school and enter the world of work.

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    Highland Cattle Society

    • Opportunities for the young in deprived remote rural areas

      The Highland Cattle Society aims to preserve and safeguard the Highland Cattle breed and the communities that make a living from them. With family farms in remote upland areas finding it harder to make a living, many must rely on other activities and subsidies to survive. Our upland landscapes are maintained by the farming families and without business opportunities for the young this will no longer be possible.

      We need your help to create Opportunities for young people in deprived remote rural farming communities. We will give young people in deprived remote rural areas the skills, training, ideas and business direction to begin a small start-up business in low input, low cost farming using Highland Cattle.

      We aim to reach 72 young people with courses which will look at different farming models, producing healthy food and enhancing and preserving our landscape for us all to enjoy. We will set up and provide a development programme and encourage drive, enthusiasm and passion for rural enterprises.

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    Islay & Jura Community Enterprises Limited

    • Financial Skills for Islay

      We are Islay & Jura Community Enterprises, a charity providing a wide range of leisure, educational and social activities for the communities of Islay and Jura with specific support for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. Trading as Mactaggart Leisure Centre, we offer the community a swimming pool, gym, launderette, hair salon, sauna, multipurpose room and credit union.

      We'd like your help to bring Financial Skills for Islay to the island. We want to establish a comprehensive programme of financial capability education and guidance for our most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. This will be delivered through a series of workshops and individual consultations, with ongoing support from professional tutors and trained mentors.

      Where possible, we plan to make use of existing services and providers and encourage a 'befriending' approach to maximise participation. We hope to reach 110 of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people living on Islay and Jura.

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    Parkhead Citizens Advice Bureau

    • Men's money matters

      We are Parkhead Citizens Advice Bureau. We help positively change the lives of around 2,000 people each year in the east end of Glasgow by resolving often complex issues that are causing them worry and stress. We deal with everything from welfare benefits, unmanageable debt, eviction or repossession to work-related problems, ill health, disability, budgeting and money management.

      We want your help with our project Mens' Money Matters, giving men imprisoned in HMP Barlinnie an education in welfare rights, money management and how to access housing and community support when they are released.

      We believe everyone leaving prison needs somewhere safe to sleep and access to funds to meet their basic needs from day one of their release. We want to equip prisoners with the skills and knowledge they need to access this and get them off to a good start. We will provide a lifeline service for 280 men, assisting them to become more financially resilient and better prepared for life after prison. The sessions will improve their knowledge of budgeting, debt and money management, banking and saving, shopping, consumer rights, best deals and borrowing.

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    Positive Action in Housing

    • Money Skills Project - Financial Education for Refugee/BAME Communities

      We are Positive Action in Housing. We run several multilingual projects to help vulnerable people in refugee/BAME communities overcome homelessness and / or poverty, improve their quality of life, and achieve stability. We help clients access: safe housing; mainstream services; 1-to-1 money guidance/education; and humanitarian support, practical resources, and casework assistance. We also work with 6,000 plus volunteers via our pioneering hosting scheme to help homeless refugees UK-wide regularise their status in safety. In 2016-17, we supported 3,580 people from 88 countries of origin.

      We seek your funding to deliver our Money Skills Project - Financial Education for Refugee/BAME Communities. We plan to deliver a series of group and one-to-one workshops that will help empower and equip 350 financially-excluded people in refugee/BAME communities in Glasgow with the financial knowledge, confidence, and skills needed to better manage their own money and achieve economic stability.

      The project will also enable volunteers to gain additional skills to help them enter future employment, improving their own economic stability and quality of life.

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    Remake Scotland

    • Remake Growth and Enterprise

      We are Remake Scotland, a creative recycle, re-use and education charity. We run a social enterprise scrap store and second hand furniture store in Crieff and increasingly act as a rural social hub. We provide services for individuals of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, diverting clean, safe waste away from landfill and into creative activities and enterprises. We aim to inspire others to put recycling at the heart of their creative, social and economic activities and to provide sustainable rural employment.

      We'd like your help to get our project Remake Growth and Enterprise off the ground. It's a creative enterprise project which will contribute to the local economy by supporting micro-businesses based on upcycled materials including textiles and second hand furniture, promote the work of local independent makers and encourage young potential entrepreneurs to take the first steps towards their own creative business.

      Through the project we aim to develop five products, provide contract work for at least five people, set up a physical and digital gallery for 12 independent makers, and provide creative enterprise training and support for all parts of our community.

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    Stirling District Citizens Advice Bureau Ltd

    • Financial Capacity Builder Project

      We are Stirling District Citizens Advice Bureau, a charity and volunteer-led organisation. We're here to ensure that individuals do not suffer through ignorance of their rights, responsibilities and services available to them or through an inability to express their needs effectively. We also seek to influence the development of social policies and services, both locally and nationally.

      We'd like your help in supporting vulnerable people who use food banks through our Financial Capacity Builder Project. We plan to help around 400 people break the cycle of food bank dependency by addressing their financial capacity and the underlying problems driving their need for crisis food support.

      We will work with Crisis Food Bank at the three local crisis food collection sites, engaging with vulnerable people in financial difficulty who are food bank dependent to survive.

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    The Food Foundation - Trading Name for Kingsmeadows Catering Ltd.

    • Food Foundation Favourites

      We are the Food Foundation, a social enterprise providing high quality catering and opportunities for people who are disadvantaged in the employment market. As a social enterprise, we combine the exciting, dynamic environment of a highly successful catering business with our aim to help develop the skills and confidence of people who normally find it difficult to gain employment. We ensure students are provided with accredited training, personal development and work opportunities.

      We'd like your help in establishing Food Foundation Favourites, bringing a range of preserved products to market. Our existing students and volunteers will design, create, cook, test, market and sell a range of preserved Food Foundation products in our kitchen. Working in teams, our students will tackle different parts of the project and complete complementary online training courses in relevant enterprise and business subjects.

      The project will support the work of the Food Foundation, give us an extra income stream, and enable those who take part to gain valuable work and life-skills experience.

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    Upward Mobility

    • ShopMo

      We are Upward Mobility, a charity helping young people and adults with additional support needs living in Edinburgh and the Lothians to lead full and happy lives. We provide a programme of over 100 workshops a week in subjects as diverse as School of Rock, filmmaking and cooking which are designed to support our students to learn new skills, make new friends, increase confidence and develop their independence.

      We'd like your help to get ShopMo, a social enterprise selling art and up-cycled goods, off the ground. This pilot project will enable around 60 young people and adults with additional support needs to learn entrepreneurial skills (including budgeting, financial planning and business skills) while developing a new social enterprise. Those involved will look at every aspect of the business and make all the items for sale themselves.

      Our project is designed to increase our students' confidence, independence and life chances by increasing their financial confidence and capabilities, their entrepreneurial and employability skills and ultimately their life-chances.