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    Amina The Muslim Women’s Resource Centre

    • Eve – Empowerment Via Enterprise

      We are Amina, the Muslim Women’s Resource Centre, based in Dundee.

      The Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre is an inclusive national organisation providing support to Muslim and minority ethnic women across Scotland, irrespective of background, education and experience, to help them live better, safer lives free from discrimination and abuse

      We’d like your support for our Eve – Empowerment Via Enterprise project, a practical introduction to enterprise and entrepreneurship for Muslim and minority ethnic women in Dundee – including exploration of accessible home-based business models and alternative routes to income generation.

      If successful, funding will allow us to promote enterprise and entrepreneurship as an accessible alternative to paid employment and economic inactivity to 24 Muslim and minority ethnic women in Dundee.

      Through three practical, 10-week ‘business blocks,’ the women will be challenged to design, create and take a product to market locally, increasing their skills, knowledge, business acumen, confidence and experience of the world of home-based enterprise.

      Funding will also contribute to the delivery of an interactive national entrepreneurial showcase event, attended by 49 Muslim and minority ethnic women from across Scotland.

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    Ceteris Ltd

    • Clackmannanshire Women into Self-Employment (ClacksWISE)

      We are Ceteris (Scotland) Ltd, a non-profit-distributing property/business development organisation based in Alloa.

      We have a proven track record of delivering business support and training programmes, and flexible and affordable start-up premises in an area of above average unemployment.

      We’d like your support for our Clackmannanshire Women into Self-Employment (ClacksWISE) project. The project targets enterprising women looking to return to work, supporting them to start and grow sustainable businesses and providing them with the best chance of success, resulting in a positive economic contribution in Clackmannanshire.

      We require funding to provide a new start-up hub facility in Alloa to introduce the women participating in the project to the concept of self-employment.

      Funding will let us provide free access to a new start up business hub and equipment for up to nine months. It will also enable us to provide advice, support, training, mentoring and coaching in soft and business skills to participants.

      We will engage with 25 women initially through the project, with 15 participating in the full project and 12 expected to complete business plans, start a business and occupy the hub.

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    Citizens Advice Edinburgh

    • North East Locality Citizens Advice Partnership

      We are Citizens Advice Edinburgh (CAE), a local charity providing free and impartial advice, support and advocacy services to people in Edinburgh. We rely on donations and fundraised income to provide our services, which are primarily delivered by volunteers.

      The project that we would like your support with is the North East Locality Citizens Advice Partnership.

      This project will work in partnership with social work and housing services in Craigmillar, one of the most disadvantaged communities in the country, to support the families in greatest need by helping them to gain employment skills through volunteering opportunities with CAE and local employers.

      We will also provide financial education and support to address debt problems and to improve income maximisation, with the aim of breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

      Funding will allow us to provide a Citizens Advice worker in the community, who will work in partnership with social work and housing services to support the clients in the greatest need. They will also run community workshops for clients looking for advice and guidance on budgeting, managing debt and maximising their income.

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    • Bill Buster Buddies

      We are Comas, an award-winning community development agency that finds workable, scalable solutions to poverty.

      We need your support for our Bill Buster project, which will support members of the Dumbiedykes community, who are experiencing deprivation, to understand their fuel bills and fuel consumption so that they can manage their bills more effectively and make financial savings.

      The project will also develop the enterprise skills of community members in order to create a circular economy within Dumbiedykes, which will reduce the costs of making energy efficiency measures. Last but not least, the project will enable participants to support their neighbours to reduce their household bills and energy consumption – leading to sustainable and empowered action against fuel poverty.

      Through the project we expect to support 589 people in total. If successful, funding will be used to cover a development worker's time to run drop-ins and other sessions for community members. It will also be used to train community members to provide energy advice and the development of a local community enterprise, which will reuse items , leading to greater savings.

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    East Ayrshire Citizens Advice Bureau

    • Making Money Work

      We are East Ayrshire Citizens Advice Bureau, covering Kilmarnock, Cumnock and 21 rural communities.

      We are a charity providing free, confidential and impartial advice on issues like housing, employment and benefits to East Ayrshire residents.

      The project we would like your support for is Making Money Work. This project will provide financial capability advice sessions for users of the eight local food banks, to help with efficient planning and budgeting, which can also have a positive impact on long-term employability.

      Funding will allow us to employ a peripatetic financial capability officer attached to the food banks, who will offer one-to-one financial capability advice sessions on-site or in people’s homes.

      In total, 50 individuals will benefit from this one-to-one intervention and complete the Money Advice Scotland financial capability programme. They will also receive regular reviews of their household budgets and a learning level evaluation will be used to measure increased financial competence. Through the bureau itself, we will also be able to offer participants further advice on a wider range of topics, adding even more value for participants and their families.

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    Glasgow Film Theatre

    • GFT Mantle of the Expert (MoE): The Film Festival

      We are Glasgow Film Theatre. We want to give as many children as possible the opportunity to engage with film. We run a year-round schools programme and last year reached over 10,000 children.

      We are looking for support to get our GFT Mantle of the Expert (MoE): The Film Festival off the ground.

      Our vision is to create in-school mini film festivals alongside four Glasgow schools.

      Teachers will come to Glasgow Film Festival Schools Week to see how it's done, then use their new enterprise-based skills to work with their pupils to develop their own in-school film festivals.

      The children will learn a range of enterprise, financial planning and film-making skills to allow them to programme, promote and deliver their own festival.

      Funding will be used for artist-educators to work alongside schools to help them create the film festivals. 120 pupils and their teachers will learn about film programming and will create the four festivals, 30 members of teaching staff will receive training to help them deliver creative lessons in future and a total of 1,000 pupils will benefit overall.

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    West College Scotland

    • Popskills! – Enterprise in Action

      We are West College Scotland, in Greenock. Our core purpose is ‘to provide excellent education, training opportunities and services for students and customers’.

      We are looking for your support for our Popskills! – Enterprise in Action project.

      This project aims to help young people from some of Scotland’s most disadvantaged communities to improve their life chances and work prospects by developing enterprise skills.

      Working in partnership with local employers and key partners, students will have the opportunity to develop an ‘enterprising mindset’ and skills, such as marketing, sales and innovation. They will also then get the opportunity to put these skills into practice, by establishing two social ‘pop-up’ hairdressing and make-up businesses.

      Funding will give our teachers the tools to develop a curriculum, which will equip students with a range of enterprise skills. Once this is established, 100 students will develop local enterprise projects, supported by business mentors and industry specialists. Finally, students will put ‘enterprise into action’ by setting up their own hairdressing and make-up social enterprises in the local community.

      The project will benefit 100 young people in total.

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    West Lothian Financial Inclusion Network

    • When Caring Ends

      We are West Lothian Financial Inclusion Network (SCIO). We help to reduce poverty, inequality and exclusion through income maximisation, information and advice.

      We’d like your support for our When Caring Ends project. This project which will provide support for ex-carers when their long-term caring duties end, helping them to gain or refresh the skills to re-enter society productively and to regain their place there.

      The project will support participants at a time of great need, when they are at a high risk of social exclusion, of falling into debt and even of becoming homeless. We will provide one-to-one tailored support to assist participants to maintain a steady income stream, a safe and stable roof over their head and a social network . We will also help to prepare participants for employment through employability skills training and volunteering opportunities.

      With the funding we will be able to assist 20 ex-carers at a time of great need, helping them to come to terms with the loss of their caring role in society and guiding them towards a more safe and secure future.

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    West of Scotland Regional Equality Council

    • Empower ME - Financial Inclusion for Minority Ethnic Communities

      We are West of Scotland Regional Equality Council (WSREC), one of the largest, most established equality councils in Scotland. We work for a just society which gives everyone an equal chance to learn, work and live free from discrimination and prejudice.

      We need your support for our Empower ME – Financial Inclusion for Minority Ethnic Communities project.

      Our project involves increasing the capacity and building financial capability for diverse minority ethnic (ME) communities in Glasgow, with particular focus on individuals from South Asian, Chinese, African and Refugee communities.

      The main aims of our project are to build resilient and financially capable and empowered minority ethnic communities in Glasgow, with linguistic and culturally sensitive support.

      We will use the funding to employ staff to deliver the core services, using their expertise to engage with minority ethnic communities to provide financial capability training and one-to-one support, as well as to link communities to mainstream services and to research further needs.

      Funding will allow us to reach approximately 850 people in total, creating awareness and providing direct support throughout the lifetime of the project.

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    Women’s Enterprise Scotland CIC

    • Women’s Enterprise Business Creation Programme

      We are Women’s Enterprise Scotland CIC (Community Interest Company). We want to create an environment where all women who start up a business can thrive.

      The project that we’d like your support for is our Women’s Enterprise Business Creation Programme. Through the programme, we will work with young, unemployed and migrant women in rural Scotland, where a lack of employment opportunities can result in growing isolation and existing skills being lost. Access to childcare is also a challenge in these circumstances, as is the distance to amenities.

      The project will help participants to generate a business idea and to start up their own business – boosting their confidence, unlocking their potential and boosting the rural economy.

      Receiving funding will help us to deliver two business creation courses to 30 women and to link with local business organisations to provide ongoing support for the businesses created. We will also build an inspiring business creation website, which will be accessed by at least 150 women, enabling more rural based young, unemployed and migrant women to learn new skills, grow their networks and earn a living income.